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Our beautiful Inspiring Love Spray blend contains 'Agua de Florida,' more commonly known as Shamanic Water, Egyptian oils, and Opium Oil. This scent has been designed to bring you vibrations of focus and motivation. This blend of oils reminds you of sacred temple smudges and incense while balancing with romantic and sensual notes.

Inspiring Love

  • these Products are to be stored inside away from extreme temperature and light changes, for this might affect the color of the essential oils, especially in the salt baths. If you store for a long time Salt Baths might get colors coming out of the natural flowers and harden a little this will not affect the quality of the product, as long it is properly close.

    For Ceremonial Sprays, they should also be kept in a place where they would not experience extreme temperatures. humidity or light changes for this might affect the integrity of the organic essential olis.



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